Types of Fences

Undoubtedly, a fence can always make a home or a property look good. Not to mention, secured. Many people prefer one from the other or both. A fence primarily has three functions. The most important one is providing security. Although one may argue that the neighborhood is safe, or that the town has little to no crime rate, it still pays to be secured in your home. Security is something to be taken seriously. And, it is the right of everybody. A fence will also provide privacy. Whether you live with your family or not, privacy is synonymous to security. And lastly, a fence will give the home that curb appeal you can’t help but notice. Some people don’t realize that is what they needed until they have it. A well-installed, repaired, or maintained fence will provide all these three.

Fences come in different styles and materials. Here are some types that you might want to check out.

1. Wooden Fence

A lot of people prefer this type of fence mainly because of the beauty and attractiveness the wooden material offers. In addition to that, wooden fences also offer security and privacy. But remember that the type and height of wood will affect the price of your fence. The better the wood and the taller it is, the more expensive it will become. But the good thing is that they will last for some good decades. Wooden fences give that sense of being inviting and most people want that.

2. PVC Fence

This type of fence might be the cheapest of them all. They are not as strong and sturdy compared to wood, but they are still serviceable. The most common use of a PVC fence is to top an already existing wooden post so the fence becomes more solid. This means that less wood has been used which in turn means that costs go down as well. Another use of PVC is to attach it to crossbars or fasten them with screws. And because it is PVC, it can endure the years to come. PVC fences also come in varying heights and colors.

3. Aluminum Fence

Although attractive and simple, aluminum will not provide the same optimum security like other materials. And it is not as strong as the others. But, it has little to no maintenance. The only time you will do so is if you paint it. If you prefer a low maintenance fence, then this would be perfect.

4. Iron (Wrought) Fence

Wrought iron fences are the most customizable of them all. It can be wielded into tons of different styles and designs and in different thickness as well. On the attractiveness scales, wrought iron fences can be a perfect 10. But on the maintenance scale, definitely not. Fences made of iron are undoubtedly beautiful and of course, strong. But they will need consistent maintenance works like sanding and repainting. And because they are customizable, they will be highly expensive.

If you are planning on getting a new one or have your current one repaired, it is best to consult the experts. Fairfield fence company can help you with all your fencing concerns.

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